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Innovative Training Settings for the Self-Development of emerging artists

Project Code 2020-1-IT02-KA227-ADU-095293

The Project “Innovative Training Settings for the Self-Development of emerging artists ” INSIDES, funded under the Erasmus K227 Program Strategic Partnerships for Creativity in the Adult Education sector, it is a two-year methodology and education course dedicated to young adults aspiring artists, producers and promoters of art and culture.

The project involves the creation of four works of genius:

1) Analysis, Study and Research: Contemporary Street Art Theory & Products - Public art. Participatory analysis on contemporary art with a focus on Street Art to provide beneficiaries with a useful knowledge base for the implementation of subsequent Outputs.

2) Setting for the contemporary urban arts: educational modules and mural-paintings ’production. Participation in the production of original Street Art, whose preparation phases are at the same time training units that provide young people with key skills for professional activities in the artistic and cultural sector.

3) Mobile OER-e-learning materials, interactive audiovisual catalog - Development of an innovative e-learning App, which will contain the training materials implemented, but also the digital catalog of Street Art works produced by young target groups.

 4) Handbook, Atlas & Docufilm - Organic elaboration of the dynamic-experiential training units implemented. The goal is to ensure project sustainability, outlining educational strategies for young cultural entrepreneurs.


INSIDES will therefore address 90 young aspiring European artists, producers and promoters of art and culture, involving them in an informal and non-formal educational methodology , a Street Art construction site, whose production phases coincide with the training setting, a learning place based on creative skills, on multi-agent strategies and on a dynamic experiential approach, also stimulating youth political participation in a responsible way .

The European partners involved, Puntoeacapo Srl, Project Lead, Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo, GoMAd, Beatbuzz (UK), Innovation Frontiers IKE (GR), have rich experiences in the field of cultural heritage enhancement, in the development of innovative educational modules for young people. adults, especially for the development of professional and entrepreneurial skills, but also in the field of artistic and musical planning of international importance and, lastly, in the field of technological innovation of an educational orientation.

The activities promoted by the partnership will benefit other possible targets: experts in the sector, educators, psychologists, artists with consolidated or emerging experience, trainers of young people in post-school age. 

The project also intends to constitute an opportunity for a process of rebirth and socio-cultural enhancement of the territory, becoming a bond of union between associations, young people, thoughts, works, institutions, linked in a process of renaissance for European cities and suburbs, which today they risk being unjustly recognized only for serious degradation phenomena.

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