Via Villa Heloise, 21 - 90143 - Palermo, Italy - C.F. 97349100822

What we do

IDRISI Cultura e Sviluppo's aim is to give rise to cultural and training activities supporting the development factors necessary for the dissemination of education, knowledge and culture, capable of contributing to the growth of citizens' knowledge capital.

IDRISI is home to a wide-range of statutory purposes in line with the founders' skills and is, consequently, equipped with several professional profiles, including researchers, teachers, guidance counsellors, teacher-trainers in specialist disciplines, strategic planning consultants, cultural heritage, legal and administration experts.

One of its core activities is to develop solutions aimed at eliminating the causes preventing the youth from fully integrating into the social and economic fabric. IDRISI proponents possess the individual ability and the strength of their networks to carry through such awareness raising action with the support of public or private stakeholders in order to uphold the issue of school drop-out.

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