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IDRISI Cultura e Sviluppo ETS is partner of numerous cultural associations, bookshops, libraries, schools and museums, public and private bodies, cultural foundations, as well as freelancers, writers, artists, experts, teachers, professionals, artisans, bloggers, publishing houses, journalists and information bodies with which it interacts in order to offer more effective services with respect to the growing complexity of the needs matured in the non-profit sector.

The Association is already a partner or promoter of initiatives in the context of regional, national and EU calls:

  • community planning (Creative Europe 39/2019), with the aim of carrying out an analysis / study on the paradigm of creativity under the cultural, psychological and economic approach, for the export in some Balkan countries of models, professional and organizational styles of the creative industry.
  • national planning (Health Poverty and Addictions to the South - Fondazione col Sud) with primary local and national structures, for the proposition of an alternative methodological experimentation, to contrast new addictions, the new addictions (pathological gambling, shopping compulsive, internet addiction, social networks, video games, etc.).
  • conducting a study analysis, (based on a mix-method approach that sees the combination of the questionnaire tool with that of the qualitative interview, in addition to documentary analysis) on the "sharing of language" between the business and training world, in internships training (for IDI Informatica APL of Palermo).
  • Analysis, study and planning of a Master on community planning, to support and facilitate the development of skills in the field of Design and Management of community projects, promoting forms of learning linked to the experience successfully developed in international contexts.

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