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Progetto BU.CO.LI.CO.

BU(ilding) CO(mmunity resi) LI(ence through) CO(mmunication and technology)

Project Code: 2020-1-IT02-KA204-079306

IDRISI is the proponent and lead partner of BUCOLICO, a KA204 Erasmus+ Programme strategic partnership, bringing together the expertise of IWS Internet Web Solutions (Spain), Fundacjia Ad Meritum (Poland), Asturia (Belgium), and Innovation Frontiers (Greece) to engineer an adult education prototype designed to young adults aged (primary beneficiaries), mature and senior adults (secondary beneficiaries) living in socially and geographically marginal rural areas across the EU with a set of digital and entrepreneurial skills and to empower them in everyday life as well as in the working arena.

Il progetto ha avuto inizio il 1 Settembre 2020 e terminerà il 31 Agosto 2023.

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